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Who we are
Over 20 years' dedicating to precise surveying industry, SANDING has grown to be one of significant suppliers of surveying instruments and solutions in the world. SANDING always commits himself to hardware optimization and software design to meet profession requirements.

We offer trustworthy products
We undertake project
We produce customized demands
Capable of echo sounder and multi-beam

Why “Every Point Matters”?
Seeing is believing. But is that true? The history has proven that a slight error can lead to an irretrievable catastrophe. For measurement experts and the professionals related know that the errors are accumulated. Your job can’t be searched or viewed by naked eyes. Close enough is never “close enough”. You need to get it right on every single point. The connection between you and your equipment is inseparable. You may endure in the untraversed jungle or sustain the heat near the equator. You need the equipment that can reply on, every single time.

Rugged, reliable, easy to use and a precise instrument that’s built for heavy duty.

Over the last two decades, Sanding has spread into the hearts of surveyors. What you see is what you get. With this standpoint, we design and build our instrument for you, in the hands of the professionals. The results of your works will be inspired and leant by future generations. These’re why every points matters.

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