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What's new to SANDING



That's a silent heart sound in most of enterprise and universities. And they get a mutual achievement meanwhile.

Recently Sanding Partner in Chile are invited to a scientific forum in Universidad de Atacama, north of Chile.

UDA is a university in Chile. It is part of the Chilean Traditional Universities. The university was created in 1981, as a fusion of the old Mines School of Copiapo, founded in 1857 and very prestigious in the minerals industries. This school was integrated in 1947 in early founded Universidad Técnica del Estado, being the new U.T.E. until 1981 the most important Chilean university in applied sciences and the Normal School of Copiapó, founded in 1905.


During the forum, we introduce many new products and give trainings to students.


The most important part is to introduce KOLLNET GNSS service system and new project for GNSS verifications.

KOLLNET uses Sanding CORS technology to strengthen National Geo-information Infrastructure.

People love land, their territory. We live, build and get feed from it. As technology develops, land is becoming scarce resources. That’s why we need do Planning and measurement of land to meet our demands of different functions.

For a country, a standard and certificated system should be made nationally so that engineers and surveyors could unify their work in the field, and be acknowledged by departments.






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