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A Member of SANDING family

  • In a decade of 21st century, SANDING has spread into hearts of surveying equipment users’ globally. We’re introducing surveying drones system, GNSS positioning, mapping and construction measurement system at affordable price. As business goes

  • What we’re looking for:

    We have changed the paradigm in the market of surveying, mapping and construction measurement equipment, introducing quality focused products at fair prices. As a provider of excellent geospatial solutions, we want to expand our activities internationally.
    For that reason we are looking for new distributors or dealers who support us in actively selling the SANDING product range.

  • What we can offer:

    We are offering quality construction and surveying instruments with outstanding price-to-performance.
    A full hands-on product and sales training
    A very attractive and aggressive discount scheme
    A comprehensive portfolio of integrated instruments for the surveying, mapping and construction industries which is continually expanding
    An active in-field sales support team to help identifying and pursue business opportunities in your territory.

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