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Market Activity of SANDING

Meet us on InterGEO 2018

EXPO & Conference

16-18 October


InterGEO 2018 Frankfurt is coming during 16th-18th October. 
Our booth number is Hall 12, D.068 at Frankfurt Messe- Germany.
We're privileged to invite you to our booth and share new experience and RTK information with us.
① If you come to our booth, please send us email. We will prepare Day Ticket for you.
② On the occasion of this event, we'll hold a worldwide dealer conference in the afternoon14:00-17:30 of 15th October at Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt.


③ Sanding Worldwide Partners Dinner Party on 18:00 15th Octoberat Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt.
We sincerely welcome you to our booth and Partners dinner.
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