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Double modular redundancy design, flight control system onboard



  • Dual Frequency Digital Echo Sounder
  • Embedded WindowsXP operating system, user-friendly interface
  • Integrated with both computer and echo sounder at industrial level, yet low power consumption
  • Full aluminum housing, compact and handy, particularly designed for less-than-ideal circumstances 



SDE-260D is full digital dual frequency echo sounder, follows the style of the SANDING echo sounder products, has very good performance product with advanced echo and digital processing technology. The standard configuration of the sde-260d dual-frequency sounder is 200 kHz and 20 kHz. high-frequency precision, good low-frequency penetration and strong anti-interference performance, can not only ensure the precision of the water depth measurement, but also effectively eliminate the influence of the muddy water, the quicksand layer, the weeds, the hull noise and the water vortex on the water depth measurement, and more effectively reduce the interference of the false water depth, The measurement of the silting and floating mud in the dredging construction is also very effective.


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