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Double modular redundancy design, flight control system onboard



  • System Weight<6.5Kg
  • FM & CW Processing
  • Flexible Power Source (DC10-28 V, AC100-240 V)
  • Simple Interface
  • Roll-stabilization
  • Quarter Price, Half Size, Double Efficiency



The revolutionary T400 focuses on intelligent, integrated and high precision of multibeam echosounder system. Its ultra-compact design can be easily operated by one person and suitable for USV, ROV, AUV platforms.


The number of 1024 sounding beams can provide you with high precision me- asurement result. Because of IMU built-in receiver, this system does not need calibration. With low power consumption, it is also suitable to operate from battery.


T400, small, lightweight and cost-effective could be your best choice.


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