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Double modular redundancy design, flight control system onboard



  • Built-in attitude, course and temperature sensors
  • Ultra wide-range coverage, up to 14times water depth
  • High-precision Chirp image technology, system with strong anti-interference ability
  • With open data interface, it is compatible with commonly used third software in the market
  • Friendly man-machine interaction, easy to use
  • Lightweight and convenient, easy to transport, high efficient and low power consumption

SS500 side scan sonar is a type of portable sonar used to obtain high-resolution underwater images. It has the design concept of lightweight and convenient, with the advantages of easy to use and low power consumption, which can greatly improves the work efficiency.


The towfish part is fully integrated the design concept of hydrodynamic structure, with excellent towing equilibrium. Portable design,which can be easily complete the survey work by a single person.


Matched navigation software integrated navigation, data acquisition, imaging and other multiple functions all in one, it can perform real time data acquisition and visual display. It supports sea map display, survey line layout, path planning, target marking, equal-proportion sonar mapping and other functions. In addition, it supports the transfer of the standard XTF format data to meet the needs of  image merge, which fully meets the demands for timely acquisition of underwater data.


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