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Double modular redundancy design, flight control system onboard


CORS Receiver S9

● Integrated professional OEM board, 440 channels

● New design of aluminum alloy housing
● IP67 industrial level standard
● WIFI hotspot and Bluetooth connections
● STH, RINEX raw data storage to FTP server
● eMMC technology for internal memory



SANDING NET S9 has integrated professional OEM board, 440 channels, compatible with all constellations.

In addition, we greatly improve the op eration e xpe rience a nd conve nie nce for users with the additio nal f unction of WiFi hotsp ot an d Bl uetooth co nnections, thus, users are able to config ure receiver with any m obi le ter mi nal. NET S 9 is not only able to reco rd STH fil e, bu t a lso sup port RINE X file storage. 10000mAh high capacity of battery builtin, can act a s a p rimary p ow er source or as an U nin ter u pted Pow er Sup ply (UPS) backup.
SANDING NET S9 is using eMMC (Embeded Mu lti M e dia C ard) tec hnology for interna l mem ory, fas ter an d larger, stable and reliable. M oreov er, NET S9
allows to connect to an extern al storage device s(m aximum up to 1TB) via USB Ho st interface so that yo u d on 't have to worry about da ta storage.


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