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Double modular redundancy design, flight control system onboard



Efficient and Long endurance profited from motor-driven and special structure

Modular design for quick assembly and disassembly

One man operation

Durable kevlar fiber material

VTOL for all-terrain environments



150-minute endurance

With the 150-minute long endurance and 180km-flight range, the MF2500 is better than other VTOL UAV on the market, Accessory: two sets of batteries (300 minutes enough to work one day).


Multiple and Flexible payload

Flexible payloads meet different requirements.


High-precision direct geo-referencing

Down to 1cm±1ppm accuracy with inbuilt RTK/PPK module, high

precision on demand, no GCPs required 



Accessible to CORS

For differential corrections directly, independent to ground

base station.



VTOL 120m

It is easy to work in complex terrain with the 120m VTOL, the MF2500 is better than other VTOL UAV on the market.




Note: The 150-minute flight performance results from clear weather with gentle breeze or no wind, Temperature between 10-25,

properly and fully charged batteries, plus well-trained operation. For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended not to reach the limit.

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